About Femme Fatales Artist  - I don't wear make up to look good, I wear it to be interesting , Karlibra

I am  a  Make up and Body Artist. 

 I specialise in Pinup makeup, Special fx, body painting, theatrical make up, Formal occasions and hair.

 I have extensive experience in all styles of make up application.  I often travel to teach performers how to apply stage makeup.

I am fully qualified, professional, fast, reliable and above all invested in making YOU feel special and timelessly beautiful.

Currently I work with Beverly Cassidy as the makeup artist for Kustom Retro http://www.kustomretro.com.au/. Check out the site for some very exciting and fun options for Hens parties, Social Clubs ect

I also work with  a fabulous team of makeup artists at Logan Inglot Cosmetics. Naturally I use Inglot makeup extensively in my kit. Iglot Cosmetics are not tested on Animals, and has many attractive features and benefits. It is the leading Cosmetic label in Europe.